How I set up my study/gaming/procrastination desk for maximum effectiveness during Quarantine

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  1. Brightness follows the Goldilock’s principle — Find the mid-point where your eyes are comfortable and can operate intelligently for a long period of time without strain and you are golden.
  2. Position of the light source is crucial — For face-times, web-cams, or just about anything video char related, I follow the defacto behind-the-camera-aimed-at-your-head standard. For hand-writing tasks, I have the light source angled on-top of the paper (and my hand ofc). And for the other menial tasks, the light source sits in the middle of the desk, readily available.


  1. Wrists should be supported at all times — Armrest height adjustability is invaluable for the modern-day student, ailing away at digital assignment after digital assignment.
  2. Convenience is unbeatable — Smoothly shimmying from one side of the desk to the other without arising from your throne beats up-lift-sit protocol any time of the day
  3. Comfort, comfort, and more comfort — Gaming sessions can turn into ventures of hours. Thus, it is paramount that one be in a constant state of relaxation and (dare I say it) joy. And the leather I am sitting on at the moment facilitates this delightfully.


  1. Always have a water bottle close (in my case underneath) your desk. This will mitigate the chances of you leaving your desk to refill your water and falling victim to social media scrolling. It also helps as a quick and ready hydration source for times of late-night assignment writing.
  2. Put your phone away for that Pomodoro session you keep cutting short for a notification. Structuring your environment in a way that lessens the number of distractions in your eye line, will (always to a certain degree of success) reduce the chance of procrastination.
  3. Neatness is best —Anything on your desk should have a role to play, however benign. My empty mug to the right of my keyboard stands as a reminder that I today is a tea-favored day. Similarly, the lamp set to a dim orange, reiterates to my brain that I am in a ‘focused’ state. You get the gist. Point is, if you have clutter on your desk, your brain will spot them and look to bother itself with understanding what is doing there, taking away from productive brainpower resources.




Personal Development | Shows & Cinema | Fitness | Blockchain & DLT and an enduring affinity for anything gaming-related.

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Personal Development | Shows & Cinema | Fitness | Blockchain & DLT and an enduring affinity for anything gaming-related.

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