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There is no stopping a man with conviction, vision, and — in this case — an eye for brilliant cinema. I am of course talking about Ridley Scott, who at the tender age of 83 is not showing signs of slowing down — not if his recent movies can imply — and who recently shared his express desire to bring Gladiator back around again with a sequel.

Since coming out in the year 2000, Gladiator would become a hallmark outing for Ridley Scott, Russell Crowe, and Hans Zimmer.

Among the treasure of accolades the movies would win across multiple awards, this trio would win Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Original Score.

Gladiator itself would also win…

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Netflix, the streaming giant that has grown to boast one of the most exciting televisions of modern times, are looking to continue their onslaught of new content and intriguing characters with a slew of announcements in their recent TUDUM event.

Yes, TUDUM is that iconic jingle that all of us have grown accustomed to over the pandemic as we have binged a series at some time or another.

So what is (was) TUDUM?

The elevator pitch for TUDUM can be summarised as a global event meant for the masses of Netflix fans (and beyond) on…

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Ahead of the global release of Daniel Craig’s final outing as the iconic British spy, James Bond, the actor has received recognition as an Honorary Commander in the Royal Navy.

The closing act of Daniel Craig’s time with the 007 character is finally upon us.

With the global release of his latest and last outing in the finely tailored suit— in a string of 5 movies spanning 15 years — with No Time to Die, the Brit has been presented…

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Daniel Craig has donned the suit and entertained his license to kill for the last time as the legendary James Bond British spy, in his last outing with No Time To Die.

As the curtain steadily closes on an utterly brilliant tenure for Daniel Craig as James Bond, it’s time now to take a look back at the complete picture of the last 15 years of Bond.

Spanning 2006–2021, Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond has come with no shortage of terrific…

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The Fantastic Beasts Universe is finally returning with its third entry, The Secrets of Dumbledore, early into the 2022 movie calendar.

Eddie Redmayne and his quirky — but all the same intensely British — Newt Scamander character will finally be returning to the big screens, after quite the tumultuous production schedule.

Since its debut installment way back in 2016, it was always the grindylow in Professor Lupin’s room how the return…

Timothee Chalamat hugging Denis Villeneuve
Denis Villeneuve and Timothée Chalamat, Source: MoviesOnline

As the lead-up to the October global release of Denis Villeneuve’s latest cinematic outing, Dune, matter-of-factly shortens, now is the perfect time to begin reading Frank Herbert's original 1965 book.

Maybe not.

While it is a definite recommendation for fantasy readers — and a novel I have booked on Audible later this year — a review of Herbert’s stellar work would demand a greater depth and detail this article would like to save for another time.

Instead, why not take…

Dune movie picture
Dune movie picture, Source: IMDB

September is here, which means two things in my book. First, we’re a month closer to the winter season (aka Christmas). Second, we are excitingly close to the global release date to Denis Villeneuve’s, Dune.

Directed by a Mr. Villeneuve, who has a knack for helming beautifully told stories and…

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In a recent report, French Ligue 1 football giants, Paris Saint Germain (‘PSG’) have become an official crypto partner with cryptocurrency exchange While the leading team in top-flight French football looks forward to a season with Lionel Messi at the helm, this partnership with …

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As the sci-fi epic depiction of Frank Herbert’s classic, ‘Dune’ receives many a claim and standing ovation ahead of its global theatrical release in October, Legendary Pictures has found itself in quicksand with news of their intention to launch an NFT collection of the film.

Announcing the NFT project on…


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